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At Stake Advisors taps into its broad stakeholder and professional network to get the right people with the right expertise to deliver effective, quality, and practical solutions that positively impact your business.

Responsible Sourcing

responsible sourcing

Enhance performance

Create and innovative, efficient and resilient responsible sourcing program 
accounting for the balance of needs between suppliers, buyers, workers, and communities in your value chain.

  • Value chain risk assessment

  • Human rights and social impact program development

  • Modern-day slavery reporting and compliance

Brand Sustainability Strategy and Go-to-Market Plans

brand sustainability

Win in the marketplace

Build differentiated brands and product portfolios that deliver on consumer needs within planetary boundaries.


  • Build sustainable brands with robust foundational tools and strategies 

  • Develop a portfolio of winning brands and products within planetary boundaries 

  • Create impact-driven and consumer-relevant go-to-market plans for your brands 

  • Capacity building and training for your commercial teams

circular business model

Circular Business Model Design

Future Fit Business

Develop a circular business model to future fit your business and operate within planetary boundaries that are safe and just for humanity.

  • Track your current business model to become more circular

  • Thought leadership on cutting-edge circular thinking 

  • Develop SMART targets


Sustainability Strategy Development

Drive Resilience

Transform your business to operate within planetary boundaries and enable sustainable growth.


  • Sustainability materiality and gap assessment 

  • Strategy development and advising

  • Strategy deployment

circular product innovation

Circular Product Innovation and Development Advice

Future Fit Products

Develop circular products based on C2C principles that meet C2C-certified requirements. 


  • Drive innovation for circular products with materials viewed as nutritive

  • Meet C2C certification levels based on ambition

  • Train design teams on C2C principles

Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Drive innovation

Address your company’s responsibility risks with an effective and innovative stakeholder engagement strategy to enable sustainable business growth.

  • Stakeholder mapping

  • Stakeholder assessment

  • Capacity building and training for internal teams

stakeholder engagement

Responsibility Assessment

Identify opportunities

Transform challenging social responsibility issues into social, environmental, and economic opportunities.


  • Corporate responsibility program assessment that integrates stakeholder perceptions 

  • Benchmarking of performance against industry peers and aspirational brands

  • Identification of areas for improvement 

responsibility assessment

Partnership Brokering

Leverage expertise

Create effective multi-stakeholder partnerships that spot collaborative opportunities for collective action.


  • Stakeholder dialog facilitation

  • Development of partnership frameworks

  • Capacity building and training for internal teams

partnership brokering
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